Revised March 13th 2018

Once a question has been asked by more than a dozen people we feel it deserves an answer. So here you go.

Who is "Eggman" and why is he prominently featured in your games?

"Eggman" (real name Toby Reynolds) is a media personality and an autist. We feel his unique looks and personality are a good match with our products, therefore we consider him an unofficial mascot for our brand. Eggman has stated he finds this arrangement acceptable.

What's the deal with the difficulty level in your games?

Bob is a big fan of classic arcade games and they were notoriously difficult. This may influence Soiree Games' offerings. If you manage to progress far in a Soiree Games title, you can call yourself a hardcore gamer for sure.

What is Bob's favorite programming language?

Procedural C from 1972. It's the predecessor to C++ and a very efficient and elegant language.

How many people work at Soiree Games?

As of 2017 we have Bob, one graphic artist, and one full-time tester.

Where did Bob learn programming?

It started as a hobby. In addition, Bob has studied software engineering and related fields at University of Oxford, University of Helsinki, Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences, and the Finnish Business College.

What is it with the "edgy niche" and Soiree Games?

We believe there's been enough generic video games out there. We follow budding trends. Memes are representative of societal issues at large and Soiree Games wants to address these issues. Therefore we sometimes integrate them into our products, as is the case with the games in the Meme Trilogy. We try to represent more than one facet when it comes to current matters as we have no political aims.

Who are Bob's favorite game designers?

There are quite a few but he'll give you three: Jeff Minter, David Braben, and Andrew Braybrook.

Has anyone actually completed Neckbeards?

Bob has, but only in two player mode with a pal.